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KC Tiny Greenhouse

Exploring the Quality of Life over Quantity

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In a supersize me culture, we believe that less is more.  Less overhead means more financial freedom.  Less use of resources means more environmental responsibility.  Less identification with commodity means more identification with humanity.  

KC Tiny Greenhouse is a 576 sq ft home the 100 sq ft greenhouse, made in part from salvaged and donated materials, to serve as a model for small, affordable, and comfortable living.  People in space-limited cities like New York have been living in tiny spaces for a long time. Here in the Midwest we have plenty of space and tend to move outward rather than upward.  Over time, however, our outward sprawl has left abandoned pockets within our core.  These inner pockets are not just a part of a geographical core, but the core of our cultural identity, and our creative and cultural communities.  They are our neighborhoods.  These vacant lots in our communities are an opportunity for affordable home ownership and the freedom of smaller living. Unlike places like New York where apartment buildings are the norm.  

Here in the Midwest, we have the opportunity to live small scale in traditional neighborhoods, where we have yards to grow a landscape that then becomes an extension of our living space and an opportunity to connect with community. As part of the efficient living model, the tiny home is surrounded with edible and native landscaping with a belief that growing food and creating beauty in the neighborhood through the natural world is a contribution to the community as a whole, allowing for greater economy of living.   

When you have a small and simple material world to maintain in life, you need less of an income, and have more time to pursue your inherent interests and contributions.  When you place less of your value on the scale of your material wealth you are gifted with more experiential wealth.  

In creating KC Tiny Greenhouse, we aim to be a working example of how to live in a simple and fulfilling way that reduces our use of resources and increases our freedom.  In a land of plenty—plenty of space, plenty of resources—we often do not realize how happy we can be with little.


Why we built a Tiny House

A Community Supported Project 

To explore the Quality of Life over Quantity

Through beauty of nature, urban biodiversity, local food production, and connection with community

KC Tiny Greenhouse 

Because we often grow more than what we can consume.  KC Tiny Greenhouse was created to serve as a central point for local plant lovers to gather to talk, trade, purchase, and learn about thier favoirte plants and to get exposed to new plants that are viable in the local area.  We share with the local community and our guests what we grow in our gardens. Proceeds generated from plant sales and airbnb stays goes into maintaining grounds and facilities of the KC Tiny Greenhouse, and to continue to contribute to community and serve as a model of how urban living can be sustainable and fulfilling. 

As we get closer to nature, we quickly learn that happiness does not stem from noise of commercialism and aquisition of materialism, but about simply shifting our mindset to achieve happiness.  We share our passionate in hopes to spark new light and passion in others.

Growing and sharing together in persuit of answering age old questions: Why are we here? and  What is our purpose?

For KCTinyGreenhouse, the answer is to make connections/relationships and to spread joy with others through our love of plants.


So if you ever come by and see us working in the yard, don't hesitate to drop by and say hi.  We love sharing our knowledge and passion with you! 

If you are considering on downsizing and simplifying your life -Tiny Home style.  Reach out for a personal tour and we'd love to share with you about "tiny" design and what we learned during construction of a tiny home.  Don't forget you can experience tiny living yourself by staying in the home as you make plans to downsize.

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